Lobos Creek and the Presidio Plant Nursery

Well my first day of work (yesterday) was certainly interesting. Overall, everybody was friendly, although I get the distinctive feeling that one of my supervisors doesn’t like the concept of having youth interns in the office, because we lack the qualifications that all the other full time adult interns have. She’s a super serious person and I don’t see her changing her mind about me and Sofia any time soon. Oh well. Everybody else was great and I had a fun time. I accidentally killed an endangered flower at Lobos Creek, though… which Dominique (aforementioned supervisor) got pretty annoyed about. Whoops. Anyways, what we were supposed to be pulling were Rabbit Tail and Wild Oat. She also got irritated when I couldn’t remember the names of them. In case you didn’t catch it the first time, she definitely doesn’t like interns.

Anyways, I spent my afternoon at the Presidio Plant Nursery, which was definitely fun. I haven’t been there since last summer and Ely remembered me. The nursery is probably going to be my favorite spot to work at this summer and I’m glad I’ll be there a lot. I got to be in charge of laying out and putting together a little path (sorta like a maze) in this bare area that Ely is turning into an education center for kids to walk through when they visit. It was sort of a lot of work lugging around the potted plants and such, because the path stretched through the space of a medium sized parking lot, but it was worth it when I saw the whole thing come together after a few hours. Ely was super pleased with the results and I felt pretty satisfied with my afternoon.

It was also Sofia’s birthday, which was incredibly fun. I’m interning with her for the second time this summer and I love her to death After work, we hung out around Fisherman’s Wharf, grabbed In-N-Out, and hung out. It was a good end to a pretty tiring day.